Tables Tops

Table Tops indeed are the face of a Cafe or Restaurant. When a good solid recycled timber top or an industrially designed metal top is used to serve food on, it creates a great overall dining experience. At Crank Furniture, not only have we created the most beautiful range of Solid Recycled Table tops for industrial dining tables, but we also customize our Table Tops to suit any requirement our clients may have.

Re-creating Early Century style industrial style furniture has brought a fresh change in the way current designers design their spaces. Crank Furniture is a manufacturer and trader of Unique Industrial Furniture, Seating, Tables Tops and Tables to suit a wide variety of customer’s requirements.

Showcasing an extensive range of Recycled Timber, Natural Stone Tops and Metal Tops with a variety of Finishes, our collection of Tables Tops is designed by maintaining strong aesthetics to meet a robust demand for commercial fit-outs like Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, and Corporate offices break-out spaces.

Creative Designs & Great Functionality

A good functional and Solid Table Top goes a long way in enhancing a dining experience. Crank Furniture industrial dining Tables Tops are designed to cater to every Interior style and size requirement. Our range of Table Tops are suited for any style of tables and are unique in its construction. Recycled timber Top Tables, Zinc Top Tables, Copper Top Tables, Indoor Table Tops, Outdoor Table Tops, Square Table Tops, Round Table Tops, Rectangle Table Tops, Communal Table Tops, Picnic Table Tops, Steam Punk Table Tops, Lazy Slatted Timber Table Tops, Retro Style Table Tops, Industrial Table Tops, Crank Table Tops, Cast Iron Table Tops, Work Table Tops, Side Table Tops, Coffee Table Tops, Bar Table Tops, Recycled Teak Table Tops, Recycled Mango Table Tops, Table Tops for 2 seater table, Table Tops for 4 seater table, Table Tops for 8 seater table, Table Tops for 10 seater table, Table Tops for 12 seater Table and much more!

Our chemical expert has devised a new environment-friendly solution, which when applied and coated on all our Recycled Timber and Metal, makes it user-friendly for outdoor use.

Our inclusive range of Table Tops has taken into consideration all shapes and sizes that will fit needs of restaurant tables to cafe furniture. However, if you yet can’t find the right size Table Top in our collection, let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to customize a Table Top for you.

Environment Sensitive

Recycled Timber and Recycled Metal is the core ingredient for all our Table Tops. We select the finest range of Certified Recycled timber, which has an average age of 6 – 30 years.

Old & Aged Timber Tops used on all our tables is stored for months in a temperature controlled de-humidifier storage facility. This process breathes new life in recycled timber, which otherwise would have been discarded or wasted.

Once this process of dehumidifying recycled timber is completed, only the finest quality of recycled timber makes its way to our factory for commercial grade production.

This way, not only do we revive discarded old timber & raw materials, but it also offers our customer a unique product that’s different yet standardized for commercial applications.

Our metal and concrete finish tops are no different, except we recycle scrap metal (instead of recycled timber) to fabricate our strong and commercial grade Table Tops and hand-finish them with a wide variety of coating like Concrete, Copper, Zinc, and Charcoal finish.

Concrete layer applied on metal tops is a by-product sourced from the construction industry. We go to extensive length to find any material that we can re-use. Our quest to source and refabricate discarded materials is endless.

Recycled Timber is our most conscious effort in conserving nature and recycling material for our daily use. By buying any recycled product, you are directly contributing to a wiser, safer and a longer lasting environment we live in.

Key Features of Our Industrial Dining Table Tops

  • Industrial Design.
  • Modern Textures.
  • Recycled Timber Table Tops.
  • Commercial Grade Metal Table Tops.

Welcome to Australia’s most Innovative range of Recycled and Industrial Tables Tops.