Product Care & Warranty

Timber colour and characteristic variation: As timber is a natural material there will always be a slight colour variation, knots or marks showing the character of the timber. Variations will not be accepted as a reason to exchange or refund.

Warranty: 12-Month Structural Warranty.
Excludes Wear n Tear to Fabric, Surfaces and Finish.


Product Care:

  • Lift items rather than dragging them along the surface and always use a protective felt pad on the bottom of furniture and accessories
  • When lifting smaller size Tables, please tilt table slightly to one side and then simultaneously lift tabletop end as well as table base end. If tables are lifted from tabletop end, weight of cast iron base will affect and loosen screws that hold tabletop to base. It is always recommended that 2 people lift or move tables, irrespective of size of tables.
  • Never use an external product containing wax, alcohol or silicone without consultation.
  • Avoid storing your products near extreme heat sources or extremely humid areas. Environments should be kept at 35-45% humidity.
  • Timber Stain & finishes will darken or fades with time. Leaving a placemat or other item on a table for a month or longer will leave a discolored outline, so rotate accessories regularly.
  • When any liquid like Wine or Coffee / Tea spills on tables tops, please blot / wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.
  • Cast Iron and metal products will form a natural patina and / or rust with time. There is no permanent fix or protection for this natural occurrence. Humidity and proximity to sea / ocean will also determine finish on metal products over a period of time.
  • Products constructed from recycled timber may split or crack over a period of time. Ideal environment to protect timber from splitting is to use it Indoors, with no water and direct sun contact and preferably in a room / section where Humidity level is low and temperature variation is minimal.
Product Care & Warranty


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