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Bhola Foundation

Bhola Foundation – Our Contribution to Society

Bhola is one of our first employee at our factory in India. Bhola migrated from a rural village of Madhya Pradesh, India, at the age of 19. Bhola married in 2009. Two years later, his wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter. They named her Chandni (means moonlight).

Since Chandni’s birth, Bhola mainly fussed about one thing – to give his daughter the best of everything.

In India, A$ 100 per month goes a long way towards education & health care. Every parent aspires to give his or her child the best education. Bhola’s aspirations were no different. But due to financial limitations, people like Bhola would invariably be forced to send their kids to a public school in India.

Public Schools in India are very unlike public Schools in Australia. Average Student to Teacher Ratio is 70:1 with very basic & limited studies imparted through year 10. Most students do not have access to study material nor can they afford adequate nutrition during school days.

Also, it is not uncommon to see kids drop out of public schools before they finish year 10.

Children across the world are not only their nations’ strength & future, but also our responsibility to nurture and provide them with opportunities for their better future. As responsible employers, we decided to do something for kids of our employees.

Bhola Foundation was founded in 2014 as a non-profit fund, specifically to provide free quality primary & secondary education to all children of our employees. Crank Furniture contributes 3% of annual turnover to Bhola Foundation Fund.

Today, Bhola Foundation supports an average of 100 – 120 children aged between 5 and16 years. The fund provides them with free education at private schools, free school uniform and study material as well as free health care, if required.

As our customer, you are contributing to this noble cause. Our employees and their family thank you for your support & contribution.