Product Care Guidelines

CRANK FURNITURE tabletops are constructed and crafted from salvaged Mango Timber – the quintessential Indian hardwood. We also use Aged Recycled teak from Burma as well as various assorted mix of recycled timber in many of our products.
These recycled timber are carefully selected because of it superior durability and innate beauty. We take great care to salvage various timber that would otherwise be under-appreciated and under-utilized. Salvaged and recycled timber is rough sawn and may have knotholes, worm holes, natural variations, splits or other character marks.

These marks do not affect stability. All CRANK FURNITURE tabletops are available in a thickness ranging from 2.4 cms to 4 cms.

Cast Iron and Metal used in our Furniture are mainly recycled from Salvage metal yards. When our bases are re-casted, it is always hand finished at the end of production cycle. Thus, not product will be identical in nature and that is an acceptable feature of Industrial Product.

When CRANK FURNITURE timber products are shipped, they are fumigated and treated under strict guidance as per Australian laws governing import of timber.

Timber products are approximately 80% cured. The finished top will be hard, protected and ready to use right away, but complete hardening of the surface will not happen for 3 – 4 more weeks.

Even though our finish is commercial grade, it’s not impenetrable. It is, however, the most durable finish available to us, and will protect from everyday wear and tear that occurs in a commercial environment.

For everyday cleaning, please wipe down with a mild soap and water. Follow up by wiping with a dry cloth immediately. Avoid frequent use of abrasive materials, cleansers or bleach products as they may damage the finish.
Here are a few additional tips that help extend the life and durability of our products:

• Lift items rather than dragging them along the surface and always have a protective felt pad on the bottom of furniture and accessories.
• Never use an external product containing wax, alcohol or silicone.
• Blot Liquid spills immediately.
• Avoid storing your products near extreme heat sources or extremely humid areas. Environments should be kept at 35-45% humidity.
• Timber Stain & finishes darkens or fades with time. Leaving a placemat or other item on a table for a month or longer will leave a discolored outline, so rotate accessories regularly.
• When any liquid like Wine or Coffee / Tea spills on tables tops, please wife it off immediately.
• Cast Iron and metal products (like table bases / seating frame etc..) will rust with time. There is no permanent fix or protection for this element of Industrial Furniture. If these metal products do not come in direct contact with water and heat, the process to rust may be longer. Humidity and proximity to sea / ocean will also determine how these metal products will behave over a period of time.