Every Purchase with Crank Furniture Company requires clients to read, understand and accept these Terms & Conditions. So Please take a few minutes to review our Terms and Conditions. Your purchase of products from us constitutes your agreement to accept these Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them.

If any condition is not clearly understood, please feel free to contact us with your query.

Registered company name in relation to all correspondence with Crank Furniture Company is: Crank Furniture Company Pty Ltd.



Timber used is locally sourced aged recycled timber.

Metal used is usually from recycled/refurbished metal (iron, steel, copper etc).

Age of our recycled timber ranges from 5 years to 30 years and is treated for moisture resistance, but it does not make any timber waterproof and/or resistant unless specified. All timber products are fumigated as per Australian Quarantine regulation before shipped from our overseas factory.


Product Care

No Product is specified for outdoor use unless clearly specified and agreed.

Please protect all furniture from any direct contact with sunlight, moisture and water/rain.

Timber tops, seats and shelves are lacquered and sealed, however, a liquid stain may occur if not cleaned off immediately.

Coffee/Wine stains: Please use a dry clean cloth to clean off any stains on timber.

Please Refrain from scrubbing or spreading any liquid on timber. Regular domestic cleaning solutions that are specified for cleaning of timber may be used occasionally in limited proportions.


Product Colours

Colours shown on our website and/or catalogue will always differ from the actual colour of the products. Thus, colours viewed on computer screens and in our brochure should be considered as an indication rather than an accurate representation of the actual colour and finish on the product.

(Note: All powder-coated products will also wear and tear with time and usage)


Product: Made to Order

Being part owners of our manufacturing unit, it is possible to undertake specific made to order furniture. Pricing and delivery for made to order products might vary. We request our customers to provide us with as much accurate information as possible in relation to design, sizes specification and finish (paint/polish/treatment).

All Made to orders are confirmed against a 50% deposit payment. In the event of any cancellation of order by the customer, Crank Furniture Company reserves the right to retain part or entire deposit amount received.


Product Pricing and Information

Due to ever changing and evolving business environment, it may be possible that various cost associated to our products may vary from time to time. There may be information on our website and/or catalogue with typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, sizes, pricing, and availability. Crank Furniture Company reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information and prices at any time without prior notice (including after you have placed your order).

NOTE: All prices quoted are EXCLUSIVE of GST and Transportation/Delivery cost unless otherwise specified.

All Quotes are valid for a period of 14 Days only. If an order is not placed within 14 days of a Crank Furniture Company Quote, prices may be revised as per an updated price-list.


Product Availability

We do try to keep most products in stock, ready for delivery. However, that may not be possible at all times. Please check with Crank Furniture Company for products in stock before paying for an order.

Due to popularity or interruption of supply, some items may be unavailable after you have placed an order. If for any reason a product that you have ordered is unavailable, you will be notified immediately. In an event of such a situation arising, you will have the choice to either cancel your order or replace it with some other products of your preference.


Estimated Delivery & Supply Time for Made to Order Products

Delivery dates and times quoted are subject to changes due to changes in shipping schedules, unavailability of empty containers, delay of supply from our factory, labor strikes, natural calamities, carrier delays, delay at docks and/or customs or any such unseen events that is beyond our direct control. Dates and times provided are estimates only. Please note that any delay in deliveries will be notified to you. However, this does not constitute the right to cancel and refund any deposit for a confirmed order.


Transportation, Shipping and Processing Fees

The costs associated with transportation, delivery and shipping may change from time to time, and it is possible that the final cost may vary. Please confirm with us the final cost with regards to transportation and delivery if you require us to deliver goods. You will not be charged until a total price is confirmed and agreed.

Self-Collection Handling Charge

For all self-collected orders, an additional handling charge of 2.5% of the bill/product or $ 90 (whichever is higher) value may be applicable.

Orders must not be collected until Crank Furniture Company has advised so.

Product Warranty

All our Cast Iron Bases for tables come with an extended 3-year structural warranty.

If any cast iron base breaks during 3 years of your purchase, we will replace it free of cost.

Replacement will be for an identical cast iron base or similar.

Warranty does not cover paint/finish on cast iron bases.

Warranty does not cover if cast iron bases are used outdoors (unless specified) or used for a purpose not designed for.

Limited 1-year warranty applies to all products, metal parts and structural frame.

Chairs and Stools are designed to carry a maximum weight of 110kgs when seated on all legs. Warranty will not apply if weight is not balanced on all legs/frame of a product.

The following components are NOT covered under any warranty:

  • Recycled Timber
  • Fabrics on Furniture
  • Vintage, Original products and Oddities
  • Misuse or Alteration to Original Product
  • Used under unsuitable conditions (eg: outdoor unless specified)
  • Paint and Finish

Usage/nature of product and where and how it is being used also restricts and limits warranty.

If required, Please confirm applicable warranty of individual item when placing an order.



All metal parts will rust with time. We DO NOT powder coat any of products (unless requested and confirmed by Crank Furniture Company), so it is normal for paint/surface to scratch with daily use. Any paint peeling off and/or scratches on metal surface (at the time of purchasing a product) will not be eligible for exchange, refund and/or return.

(Note: All powder-coated products will also wear and tear with time and usage)


Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, Claims and Discrepancies

Where we do understand that on few occasions, a client may not be satisfied with our products, please consider the following before you decide on a Return, Refund or an Exchange.

  • Please remember that our products are made from recycled and refurbished raw materials. All products are unique and involve some element of hand-made process. Please expect regular wear and tear, unevenness, scratches etc. for all our products. Irregularities, like scratches, distressing etc., if any, at the time of purchase or over time, are not classified as defects.
  • Recycled Timber is a natural product. Each and every piece of timber that is used across various products in our collection will be different and bear some unique character of its own. As such each piece will feature variation of shade, grain or other marking. These natural markings have absolutely no effect on our furniture’s durability. Irrespective of product or technique of production, recycled timber will continue to shrink and expand throughout its life. This movement may cause cracks to appear which is normal in any natural recycled timber product.
  • All Dimensions are approximate sizes in cms. Dimensions may vary on products ordered.
  • Timber polish/varnish and Metal colour paint and finish / texture across products will differ and wear off with time and usage. Please do not expect uniformity in colour or finish, as our intention is to make products look similar (not identical), yet unique in a way.

However, in the unfortunate event of any product being damaged or unfit for use, simply email us (within 48 hours of receiving your order) photos of that product that you wish to return. Once it’s established that goods are damaged or unfit for use, we will inform you of our decision and you may then return such goods in it’s original packing within 7 days. We’ll either offer you an option of an exchange or refund the full purchase price of product only. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Cost for return shipping of goods returned may apply and will have to be borne by customer.

Damage to goods in transit, transportation or during the process of goods being delivered to your destination will not qualify for a refund or exchange. You may wish to consider taking out your own Insurance for goods in transit once it leaves our warehouse.


Change in Terms and Conditions

Crank Furniture Company reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions whenever you purchase products from us.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Customised Made to Order is considered as confirmed only after receiving a 50% deposit. Balance 50% is to be paid and settled PRIOR to delivery.

For all ready stock, goods will be placed on hold against 50% deposit and delivered against balance 50% payment.


Payment Mode

Payments can be paid via Direct Bank Transfer, MasterCard or Visa. Please contact us if you wish to make payment via Credit Card. A Surcharge of 2.2% applies to all Credit Card Payment.

Sorry, we don’t accept cash or cheque.


Bank Details: (For EFT)

Commonwealth Bank, Potts Point, NSW 2011
BSB: 062014
Account No: 1044 3665
Account Name: Crank Furniture Company Pty Ltd
ABN: 43 142 450 155

Please mention your complete Company name and/or Invoice number when making payment via direct bank transfer.


Payment Delay for Customised Made to Order

Any delay of payment beyond the agreed credit period will incur a surcharge of 2% on the total outstanding amount for every week of delayed payment. In the unfortunate event of a default in payment on agreed credit period and/or extension of payment time period, Crank Furniture Company has the right to proceed with any legal procedures against the defaulters (company or individual) unless a mutual agreement in writing to settle outstanding on an extended date/period is agreed upon.


Copyright Information

Web site design, catalogues and all other promotional materials and its contents are the property of Crank Furniture Company and Crank Furniture Company Pty Ltd and are subject to copyright. The contents on our web site and the web site as a whole are intended solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Any use of our web site and its content for purposes other than personal and non-commercial use is prohibited without the prior written permission of Crank Furniture Company.