At Crank Furniture, we design industrial furniture with premium recycled Timber wood to give your space a versatile storage solution. Indulge in our beautiful and exclusive range of industrial Cabinets, Storage, Consoles, and Sideboards with intricate and modern designs.

Browse through our wide selection of Cabinet sections like Sideboards, Consoles, Waiter Trolley, Display Shelves and Cupboards, designed with sturdy construction.

Scandinavian Shell & Modern Industrial Design Philosophy

We aim to create fun-loving and contemporary range of industrial style furniture, inspired from the Scandinavian shell and Modern Industrial Design Philosophy. Crank Furniture adds a dash of its DNA of premium hand-finish and hand-carving touch, which is crafted from 100% recycled Timber.

Are you looking for a perfect Side Table for Study or longing to increase the storage space of your Wardrobe for Bedroom? With our versatile and exclusive range of industrial furniture, you can get everything from Tall Cabinets and Storage Cupboards to Sideboards, Consoles, and Waiter’s Trolley.

Complementing Australian Standard Sizes

Keeping in mind the Australian Standards, Storage Sizes, and Environment in mind, Crank Furniture is proud to present its industrial style furniture range. Our collection sizes are standard to fit Australian residences and our exclusive Commercial Industrial Storage and Display units will blend perfectly with any restaurant’s décor.

Our range is admired by small café owners looking for a creative way of adding an individual standout furniture component in their surroundings.

Enhance Your Storage Space With Modern Functionalities

Our high-end industrial storage furniture is not only made with premium recycled Timber and elite craftsmanship but also comes loaded with modern functionalities. Crank Furniture Cabinet and Storage Products are singularly designed to cater to your requirements. Whether you are looking for a trolley with the specific wood finish or sideboards in the exact size, we have it all based on your lifestyle and mood.

Get beautiful handmade sideboards for your living room, Hand-Carved Bedside Table, Hand-Woven Wall Dividers, Hand-Woven Wicker Wardrobes, Scandinavian Inspired Consoles, Industrial Designed Shoe Storage Trolley, and so much more. In High Storage Cabinets, you can get a fabulous 6-Drawer Storage Cabinet and a dashing Industrial sideboard. We offer an exciting range of Colourful Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl Sideboards, Bed-sides, Consoles, Storage Chest, Cabinets and Storage Units.

100% Certified Recycled Timber

At Crank Furniture, we thrive to offer our customers the finest and most functional industrial furniture, without affecting our Mother Nature. We use 100% recycled Timber, Hand-Dyed Yarn, Natural Wicker and Metal Accessories, to create our exclusive range of Storage Cabinets, Consoles, Wardrobes, and Sideboards.

We only use Certified Recycled Timber with an average age of 2-10 years. Older Timber tops are cut to size, hand-finished, and treated to be used for the manufacturing of our industrial style furniture.

We ensure that our recycled Timber is of utmost quality by undergoing a tedious and thorough process of reprocessing. The recycled Timber is stored for several months in our special temperature-controlled and de-humidifier storage facility. This adds a fresh breath of new life in the material and only the finest dehumidified recycled timber makes its way to our factory for commercial grade production.

This way, not only do we revive discarded old timber & raw materials, but it also offers our customer a unique product that’s different yet standardized for commercial applications.

We are proud to undergo this process of reviving discarded old Timber and raw materials, which otherwise would have been wasted. Apart from doing our bit for the environment, we also offer our customers a product that has a story of rejuvenation and strength.

100% Organic and Natural Components

Crank Furniture does not stop at recycling Timber – we take our environment-friendly initiative to the next level by using only organic and natural of furniture accessories. We use organic dye for fabricating beautiful colour combinations, and natural Yarn and Wicker.

Our Spectacular Bone Inlay Furniture Range

Bones of the deceased animals are procured and treated with recycling techniques, to be used for the construction of our Beautiful Bone Inlay Furniture Range. Each product is hand-knitted, hand-finished, and re-created with special techniques that were used decades ago.

Intricate Designs With Modern Touch

Our special Storage and Cabinet range are different in many ways. By incorporating the Scandinavian and Industrial Design Philosophy and combining the authenticity of the handmade production process, we design industrial furniture that is eye-catching and last for generations.

Special Features of Our Products

  • Industrial Design embedded with Scandinavian DNA.
  • Modern Textures.
  • Recycled Timber.
  • Hand-Knitted Facade.
  • Fine Colourful Yarn.
  • Hand-Carved elements.
  • Innovative Finish.
  • Solid Timber.
  • Recycled Components.
  • Versatile Storage Solution.
  • Commercial Grade Finish and Application.

Our ambition of bringing a unique and environmental-friendly range of industrial style furniture to the Australian Market has fueled our efforts all along.

Now you have the opportunity of adding a differentiating look to your favourite room with our collection of industrial furniture. Blend our Industrial Inspired Tables, Leather Chairs or Recycled Timber seating range with your décor and woo everyone with your dazzling interior skills.

Welcome to Australia’s Quirky range of Industrial and Scandinavian Range of Storage solutions.