Crank Furniture designs & manufactures products, which adapt and fit with ease into almost any commercial environment. We also partner with Interior Designers & Brand owners to provide meaning and a sense of meaningful space through Industrial grade products that are customized and built to last.

Customized Furniture includes façade work, Waiter stations, Trolleys, Cutlery Stand and Boxes, Doors, Signage and any other element that can tie-up all elements of a well designed Interior Space offering and Dining Experience.

One project that showcases our ability to customize is an Ultra Trendy Eating Destination in Western Sydney’s suburb of Liverpool.

The Paper Mill Dining is a 400+ seater precinct that houses 4 different restaurants under one roof.

Design Brief by renowned Interior Design Firm DS17 was clear and simple: Create Furniture that is reminiscent of mid 1800’s where a Paper Processing Mill did thrive at the Existing Dining Location.

Crank Mechanism Doors, 60 meter long Cast Iron counter Façade, Planters trolley to resemble transportation mode used over 100 years ago, Old cast Iron Ceiling Clocks and Concrete cutlery holders, the entire gamut of Product Designed for The Paper Mill Dining is by far our most creative project till date.

If you have any such requirement to create something special, something magical: please get in touch with us and help us help you create your dream project.