Chairs and Stools

Sturdy industrial stools and chairs hold a very special place in the hospitality business. Striking and comfortable café furniture or a stylish and attractive bar table and stools will always have a great impact on the customers. Keeping in mind the growing requirements of industrial style furniture in the Australian marketplace, we have carefully designed and curated a range of seating furniture range.

100% Recycled Timber & Commercial Grade Metal

In a busy business, you need industrial furniture that is sturdy and long lasting apart from comfortable and beautiful. Our range includes café table and stools made from Commercial Grade Metal and 100% recycled Timber, to ensure great stability and strength. Each product is hand-finished and polished in our extensive range of Stools and Chair collection. Our customers can also get upholstered seating with 100% pure leather or Vinyl, to cater every taste and décor requirements.

Wide Collection of Industrial Stools and Chairs

Showcasing some of the most comfortable and extensive range of industrial style furniture like Low stools, Industrial Chairs, High Bar Stools, Counter Height Stools, Bar Stools with Backrest, you will be spoilt for options at Crank Furniture.

We also offer a variety of incredibly customized finishes like Powder coating, Zinc Finish, Industrial Black Finish, Gun Metal Finish, Distressed finish and more, on all our products to suit your Design Philosophy.

Our collection of Chairs and Stools like restaurant tables and café furniture is designed by maintaining strong aesthetics to meet a robust demand for commercial fit-outs like Cafes, Restaurants Bars, and Corporate offices breakout spaces.

Enhance Dining Experience With Functional Industrial Furniture

A greatly designed and functional café furniture can transform any dining experience. At Crank Furniture, we offer seating products that are premeditated to cater every style, finish and size requirement. Majority of our clients operate chain outlets, company-owned, or via franchising businesses. We are determined to offer customizable products like an industrial dining table that blends seamlessly with their existing furniture and interiors.

Inclusive Variety of Bar Table and Stools

Whether you are looking for the perfect café furniture or any other industrial furniture in Melbourne, we offer a range that will fit perfectly in your setting. We have Low Cafe Stools at 45 cm Seating Height, Counter Height Bar Stools at 65 cm Height, Bar Stools at 75 cm Height, and a whole wide range of exquisite dining chairs at 45 cm seating height.

If this industrial style furniture doesn’t fit your requirements, we offer a special service to our customers, where they can get customized bar table and stools, and any other furniture available in our collection. We are happy to help our customers get the best match for their furniture requirements.

Certified Recycled Timber & Recast Components

The core ingredients of our fabulous seating industrial style furniture are Recycled Timber and Recast Iron & Metal. We only select the finest range of Certified Recycled timber, which has an average age of 6 – 30 years.

Old timber tops are cut to size, hand-finished, and treated to use on our entire seating range. Our Recycled Timber is stored for several months in our temperature controlled de-humidifier storage facility. This breathes a fresh life into the otherwise discarded Timber. In the end, only the finest recycled Timber makes its way to our commercial grade industrial furniture production.

Like a good Chef would never compromise on key ingredients used in cooking, Crank Furniture never compromises on our own Key Ingredient – Raw Material used in all our products.

Trendy, Comfortable & Durable Designs

Crank Furniture specialized in designing the trendiest and most comfortable collection of durable industrial stools and chairs. Be it our very famous Munich Brewing Bar Range of Stools, which have incorporated our double welded frame design or our Lucas Bros. Range of chairs and Stools constructed from Solid Iron Frame, we are ever evolving and recreating designs from the Industrial Revolution Era up to Mid Century Industrial Boom.

We Supply Industrial Stools and Chairs Across Australia

Our range of Chairs, Stools and Industrial furniture are at work in various cities in Australia and across the World. You can spot Wimbledon Chairs all across Zeus locations, a multi-location Street Greek food concept rollout. Our popular range of Birkin restaurant furniture is fitted across various cafes and bars across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

We are also a proud supplier of all seating and industrial furniture to a newly fitted 120-seater Steampunk eatery and bar on the Gold Coast. The Cup and Cook at Kyle Bay also love our Munich Stools range.

Our Superb Schillers bar stools and chairs are also fitted in a newly renovated Mona Vale Hotel. Stanton & Co. also adores our Schillers Bar Stool and so does their customers.

And we are growing…..

Key Features of Our Cafe Furniture

  • Industrial Design.
  • Modern Textures.
  • Recycled Timber Seats.
  • Leather Upholstery.
  • Superior Craftsmanship.
  • Commercial Grade Seating.

Our Modern Industrial Furniture Seating range of Cafe stools, low Stools, Bar Stools and Dining chairs form the crust of a good designed Interior for any café, restaurant or bar.

We take pride in bringing back life to designs that were once unique but are now forgotten. This is what makes Crank Furniture as one of Australia’s favoured Industrial Furniture Supplier.

Welcome to Australia’s most Comprehensive range of Industrial Inspired Seating Range.